I strongly and personally recommend the organization Engage PT, OT, SLP. This is a company of three professional women dedicated to growing and developing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of Parkies by providing tools for Parkies. During the Great Sequestering because of COVID-19, they have turned to the platform of the digital ‘highway” to maintain consistency as well as sociability which is so important to those who suffer from Parkinson's.


When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s my family and I were completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do first. Since the doctors told me that exercise is the only proven way to slow the progression, I started to do research. I quickly discovered that the LSVT program has been very successful for Parkinson’s patients.  That’s when I found Liz. Liz has been coming to my house for therapy for the last eight months. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and kind in ways that I did not expect. She is constantly encouraging me to get past even some of my bad days. With her sense of humor and contagious smile our therapy sessions are always positive and uplifting.


For the last year,  I have been under the care of Dr. Elizabeth Yates Horton.  In the course of my 76 years, I have been referred to physical therapists to address a variety of recovery issues for surgeries, broken bones , and soft tissue strains.  All of these previous experiences took place in what I would describe as a “standard “ recovery environment using assorted machines and platforms in the formal setting of the  therapy provider who was often addressing the needs of multiple clients at the same time. When I was directed to Dr. Horton’s care, I was in such extreme pain I could not get out of bed due to my medical condition. Her telehealth approach allows me to be in my home using videoconferencing to identify and address my specific issues. What is most helpful to me with this methodology is that I am learning and then practicing the assigned exercises in the same environment and not trying to adapt them from other sessions at another location.  After each session, Dr. Horton emails me new exercises that are explained on MedBridge. Having already practiced them under her supervision, they simply become an every day part of my life. The extreme pain I was experiencing when we began our journey has been significantly mitigated by the regimen she has prescribed for me. More than that Dr. Horton treats me as a whole person through her genuine nature with respect for who I am and where I am as we drive on the path to return to wellness. In all my experiences with physical therapists,  Dr. Horton is by far the very best physical therapist whose care I have been under. Her professionalism, expertise, and ability to communicate is superb. 


In mid 2017, after living over 28+ years in nearby Rochester, NY I made the choice to move to Syracuse to live with my daughter and son-in-law.  A momentous choice to make for many reasons, not the least was to find all new doctors, and other health care professionals This last one has been the most challenging, as I had just three years earlier been diagnosed with PD.  Rochester is a Center of Excellence for
Parkinson's Disease, and has numerous resources I had just begun to tap to pull together a
Care Team for myself.

One of the specific health care professionals to find was a Physical Therapist, one who had been trained in PT, including PD, was certified and experienced in the ”Big” program (an intense 4 day a week, 4 weeks, a program specific for PD patients). This is critical, because each patient is different as is the disease, complicating finding a PT in this area who filled and met requirements I had been seeking to treat my specific needs.  My look so far was unsuccessful, until about one year ago I attended a Parkinson Support
Group in Liverpool, a meeting different from my usual one, because a presentation by a PT, trained and experienced in the 'Big” program was planned.

This as the first time I had heard of, seen and met any PT who had the qualifications I was seeking.  Dr. Yates-Horton presented a great explanation and demonstrations, with one of her current patients who also described his progress and gave his own unscripted praise and thoughts on the program and Dr. Yates-Horton's approaches.

This demonstration, enthusiasm, and responses to questions from attendees, and followup conversation with her convinced me to give it a try and sign up for the program. Best choice I've made for myself and treating my PD!!  I consider her a key member of my PD Care Team.  Her first step is to assess needs, develop a personal program and ongoing activities to fit those specific needs, and one-on-one, monitor progress, adjust and make changes as needed. She thinks of unique 'tools and props' when I am experiencing difficulties and some
resistant to the actions I need to do, in order to succeed in achieving my goals.

Liz displays professionalism, personal care, and knows what I need and pushes me because it is good for me. She explains why she is doing each task and why it will help me.  Liz shows a genuine concern for me as an individual as well as a PD patient. She is professional, patient, and sincerely displays caring for me as a person.
I most sincerely and highly recommend any and all who need Physical Therapy, especially if
they have PD, to strongly consider contacting Elizabeth Yates-Horton.


Liz was an invaluable part of my recovery team following hip replacement surgery.  From the moment I came home from the hospital, she was there for me, with gentle, kind guidance and knowledge.  Once I was able to progress to a full PT practice, she devised amazing sessions for me that truly addressed my recovery needs in a caring, compassionate way. She zeroed in on exactly what I needed and ensured that each session helped move me forward in my recovery.  I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her optimism, sense of humor, kindness and determination to help me achieve strength and flexibility.

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